Tuesday, September 20, 2011


As of 20.09.11

1) Research √
i) Decided on the location and justify with reasons and evidence why the location is chosen.
ii) Decided on the type of building to build, justify with reason and evidence why the type of building is chosen. Is there a need for it? Is there a trend among the target audience? Why is the target audience chosen? √
iii) Research on the type of building that you intend to build. √

Note: Evidence, Analysis, Conclude √
(Evidence/Research information in the form of data, observations, images, newspaper cutting, etc.
Analysis: making comparison, deduction, inference
Conclusion: What can you conclude from the research information?)

2) Idea Generation (fluency, quality, elaboration)
- the exterior design of the building √
- the interior (explore the possible layout taking into consideration movement flow) √
(Elaboration of ideas - within each idea, explain the thought process why the building was design in that particular way. What are the design considerations?)

You would need to research on existing designs to help you with idea trigger. Make sure that you have commented/analyses the existing design and talk about what you would like to incorporate in your design. After which, you would then need to illustrate with sketches how the design look like. There could be more than one possible design.

3) Development of Idea √
Work on the development of the selected idea going into the details of the selected design such as the choice of colors, texture, lighting, furniture, etc. Make sure that you have included the thinking process of why the choice is made. You would need to include images of your final design (done on google sketchup) and explain the thinkingbehind the design. Take note that there must be a unique feature in the design.

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